Sellar terms and conditions

HELLO BAZAAR – is a bussines (e-commerce) website. This website is not just about Hello Bazaar selling products themselves. Any person can easily upload and sell any product at home. The question may arise, is it possible? Yes, it is possible. But how do you create a sellar account through this website and sell your products. Customer or how to buy your product. Let’s take a look at the rules and procedures for opening a sellar account – – This website can be opened by clicking on My Account next to the Menu bar. There is Sellar Login. After clicking on Sellar Login, you have to register. Then you can easily upload pictures of your product there. But there are some conditions –

  • You will upload pictures of your product. Images need to be uploaded in such a way that the customers have a clear idea about the product.
  • Product customers like and booking. Sellar will be forced to courier the product to the customer’s address.
  • Courier cost will be added to Sellar product.
  • If you book a product, Sellar will see the customer’s address in the order list.
  • You have to print the address page and put it on the packaging of Sellar product and courier it.
  • Product must be delivered within 3 days. Moreover, the order of Sellar product will be canceled. You will be suspended for the next 5 days so that no product is sold in those 5 days.
  • The product Sellar upload must be sent to the customer. If it changes, you have to take responsibility for it. As well as any action taken against Sellar will be obliged to accept it.
  • If Sellar product is sold, customers will make e-payment on the website online.
  • Product Refund will be valid for 7 days. If there is any change in it, Sellar will have to take the responsibility. Hello Bazaar will be ready to refund if the customer wants.
  • After the end of the day of the refund will be obliged to send money to Sellar wallet or account Hello Bazaar.
  • Hello Bazaar will deduct 10 – 25% Church (Comission) on the sale of each of Sellar products. Sellar will be forced to accept that.
  • The whole seller is responsible for the good and bad of the product. There will be no responsibility of the Hello Bazaar authorities.
  • Customer’s complaint will always be accepted.